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                                                            Track the hidden counterfeiters via a supposititious name

Guangzhou Yuexiu District People's Court sent ROY a ruling that suspect Ma, suspected of trademark infringement, was sentenced to two years’s imprisonment. The case now has been closed, IP rights of Fast Retailing Co., Ltd received by ROY firm protection through a hard efforts process.


In the field of footwear, Fast Retailing Co., Ltd serves as a pioneer and market leader. Its Unilqo has opened hundreds of outlets around the world, enjoys a high reputation among customers, especially new fashions in KAWS, a number of counterfeit Uniqlo clothing quickly came into e-commerce platforms, it was necessary to find out the guy behind the manufacturing.  


ROY spent time investigating these Taobao sellers, but it failed to . Then, ROY arranged clothing-market visits for several times,ultimately discovered a target was code-named Monkey. Due lack of his real name, contact or address information, it was impossible to make progress. In June, 2019, ROY adopted sc+truacking® to analyze a express bill related to Monkey and knew his home address. Unfortunately, with seasonal changes, the target warehouse's cargo amount could not reach criminal case, ROY tried to do notarization intervention, and finally found a breakthrough. The suspect arrested by Yuexiu PSB under available evidences. 


Therefore,evidence is the key point of criminal procedures and the basic of finding the facts of cases, to conduct a comprehensive raid is the most effective way to protect IP property rights. Shortly, a successful IP case could not do without screen essential clues and collect specific evidences.