About Us

About Us

Roy IP, established in 2013, has built an integrated IPR legal service system including Roy IP Consultant Limited Company and Roy Law Firm. With its headquarter located in Guangzhou and offices set up in other major cities across China such as Shenzhen and Yiwu, Roy hires a professional team of twenty more top experienced senior consultants, lawyers and investigators.


As a leader in this business, Roy IP acts as the agent of multiple famous international brands at home and abroad, successfully helping plenty of well-known enterprises protect their brand benefits from infringement and branded companies obtain compensations from counterfeiters. We are particularly specialized in areas of trademark, copyright, patent and litigation, with excellent track record that extends as long as eight years. The advantages we possess in terms of locations and resources allow our team to internally share, analyze and maximize intelligence for purpose of providing clients the most comprehensive and quality services they ever have.


Roy deploys its 'ROY SIGHTING®️' strategy, a system to search and collect sightings through big data, into its regular business. We excel at producing flexible solutions and solving disputes in all directions and angles through the close cooperation of two channels: right verification and infringement investigation; skilled in collecting crucial evidences for its clients’ cases for their profit maximization.


We are also capable of customizing and implementing the whole IPR strategies for our clients in terms of brand protection, providing customers with accurate, efficient and personalized IPR hosting service. And we are also good at IPR risk management and prevention service.


In addition, we maintain sound communication with law enforcement departments of all levels, including industrial and commercial departments, quality inspection departments and customs sections, to get timely, efficient and fair case handling.


'Client the King' is our belief. 'Innovation first' is our goal. 'To dig deep. To elaborate. To internationalize' are our three missions. Roy strives to become the most profitable agent which serves clients the best at a fastest growing speed. 


In recent years Roy has made brilliant achievements. The 'ROY SC+TRACK®️' technology we invented hugely facilitates our innovation protection capabilities, enabling us to conduct a series of classic cases that distinguish us from our competitors for many prestigious brands around the world, for example in the medicine area. Throughout the years we accelerated the arrest of more than a thousand of counterfeiters, administrative penalty or court judgment of another thousand more people. Roy team is determined to keep fighting for innovation protection!