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                                                            Track a Amazon merchant who behind the counterfeits

ROY received a ruling from Dongguan People's Court, suspect Lin sentenced to 3 years’ imprisonment for trademark infringement of MATTEL and The Walt Disney Company. ROY identified a Amazon merchant and successfully destroyed an underground factory that has been producing fake children's toy cars for a long time, which has firmly protected trademark owner’s legal profits and maintained market order.


  The Walt Disney Company is a pioneer and market leader in toy and playground industry, and its trademark has been recognized a well-known trademark by the Chinese Courts and Trademark Review Committees for several times. However, the counterfeiting Disney behaviors was rampant with many companies gradually entered international market, The Walt Disney Company had drawed a lot of manpower or material resources in this struggle against counterfeiting and faking, and has achieved significant or positive achievements. 


In the past, Disney found a Amazon merchant organized the sales of counterfeit products to abroad. As a agent, Roy utilized sc+truacking® and identified suspect Lin and his accomplices after many times’ deep investigations, locked the suspect's location, including factories and warehouses. Under the promotion of ROY, Lin captured by Dongguan PSB and tens of thousands of fake Disney and Mattel toy cars seized on site. This was was typical since Disney initiated few criminal cases and cooperated with MATTEL. 


In brand protection process, Roy insists on making efforts and push to the counterfeiters have nowhere to hide whom are tricky. Under the role of multi-pronged approach and comprehensive governance, the momentum of infringing Disney IP rights in recent years has been effectively contained and improved. In conclusion, judgment and screen essential clues, digging out the source of fraud.