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                                                   Track fake authorization and official seal providers on E-commerce platform


Recently, ROY received a ruling from Guangzhou Tianhe District People's Court. The Tianhe District People's Court sentenced suspect Liu to 1 year imprisonment for trademark infringement of Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. ROY, as a agent, did a deal of investigations and confirmed Mr. Liu who was suspected of making fake authorization and official seal for online retailers, which has firmly protected trademark owner’s legal profits and maintained market order.


In the field of footwear, Fast Retailing Co., Ltd serves as a pioneer and market leader. Its Unilqo enjoys a high reputation among customers and has opened hundreds of outlets around the world. Yet a large number of counterfeit Uniqlo clothing came into the market or e-commerce platforms, meanwhile, it should be noted that a part of online retailers sold Uniqlo clothing with fake official authorization. So, these counterfeit Uniqlo official seals or authorizations had severely affected the brand protection of Fast Retailing Co., Ltd, it was urgent to find out the guy behind the engaging in illegal acts. 


After ROY confirming target of Mr. Liu, in November, 2018, PSB arrested the suspect. On Mr.Liu’ s house, PSB also seized fake official seals or authorizations of multiple well-known brands.