Guangdong : Patents encourage innovation incentives become weathervane

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Since 2003 , the award-winning enterprises in Guangdong Province and Guangdong Patent Award in recognition of activities by implementing measures such as rewards China Patent Award , a strong impetus to the province´s patent creation , use and protection levels increased significantly. Currently , the province is brewing a new incentive policy so that patents stimulate innovation incentives become the benchmark .

Patent incentive funds :

Cumulative distribution of more than one hundred million yuan

In late 2003, the Guangdong provincial government agreed , the Guangdong Provincial Intellectual Property Office to develop and publish a "Guangdong China Patent Award rewards enterprises and institutions to implement measures" , which states that the Guangdong provincial government rewarded each Chinese patent award within the jurisdiction of Guangdong the enterprises, Gold, Award of Excellence and one-time award one million yuan 500,000 yuan respectively . Thereafter, the Guangdong Provincial Intellectual Property Bureau and the Guangdong Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department of Guangdong joint patent Award in recognition of activities , every two years .

10 years, the Guangdong provincial government has been insisting to honor their commitments , both provincial patent awards ceremony held each year on the Chinese Patent Gold Award of Excellence and enterprises in Guangdong Province won the " Guangdong Patent Award" in recognition of enterprises . China Patent Award from the 8th to the 14th China Patent Award , the province has allocated financial bonuses and rewards the total prize upcoming patent awarded up to 1.2 billion yuan, total of 27 gold , 186 Excellence Award in recognition of the project and incentives.

Meanwhile, between 2003 to 2013 , Guangdong patents Awards and recognition of activities were held six sessions , selected the winning projects 338 , including 68 gold , Award of Excellence 270 .

Patents reward system :

Led all sectors to act together

Carry out the activities of the provincial patent awards , also led across the province -level cities , and even counties ( cities, districts ) , enterprises and institutions are flocking to establish patent reward system , thus forming a three-dimensional patent recognition system.

May 2005 , Shantou municipal government set up a government -level patent Award, selected once a year , divided Patent Gold Award , Outstanding Patent Award and Award invention . In 2004 , the city on the Chinese patent awards and patent awards Guangdong enterprises were given bonus incentives.

In 2006 , Dongguan City, the introduction of patent incentives , supporting the implementation of the project and then award the city´s access to national and provincial patent award , in which the Chinese patent Gold Award of Excellence were awarded one million yuan and 50 million yuan, the Guangdong provincial Patent Gold Award of Excellence award 300,000 yuan , respectively, and $ 200,000. In the same year , the city set up municipal patent awards . The current total of nearly 10 million yuan bonus payment patent .

January 2012 , the Guangzhou Municipal People´s Government awards ceremony was held , presented the first " Guangzhou patent award ." The city will recognize outstanding performance object extended to enterprises and institutions in the implementation of patents and patent creation , specially set up a " patent creation Contribution Award " and the " patent Efficiency Awards " , and set " matching patent award ." This approach has aroused wide attention and recognition.

2011 , Huizhou municipal government issued regulations to further increase the intensity of patent awards . Chinese patent gold medal for each award 500,000 yuan ; access to China Patent Excellence Award , each award 200,000 yuan ; obtain patent Guangdong gold medal , each supporting 10 million reward ; Patent Award of Guangdong , and each supporting the reward 30,000 yuan .

In addition, a number of prefecture-level city of Zhuhai , Yangjiang , as well as Guangzhou Huadu District , Foshan Chancheng counties ( cities, districts ) have also launched patent incentives .

Currently, patent incentives from a single act of government, and gradually become a common behavior of enterprises , universities and research institutes . Huawei , ZTE , BYD, the United States, South China Agricultural University , a large number of enterprises and institutions , have also launched patent incentives .

The effectiveness of patent awards :

Create incentives to improve the level of

In order to play a role in motivating and guiding patent awards , Guangdong Province, the award-winning project funding requirements will reward patent inventor ( designer ) by less than 30% of the proportion of reward , according to no less than 20 percent of patented technologies in the project award make a substantial contribution to the units and individuals , and the remaining award funds must be earmarked for the development of patent cause the unit.

The effect of the patent incentive awards , guide and demonstration is obvious . Implementation of incentive measures , respect and use of intellectual property to create a social environment , and to encourage the effective mobilization of the province to carry out enterprises and inventors patent creation , use and protection of enthusiasm.

In 2012, Guangdong patent applications and grants were 22.9514 and 15.3598 ten thousand million pieces , and 2003 patent applications and grants were 4.3186 million units and 6181 , respectively, an increase of 431.45% and 2385% 9 years. The proportion of the province´s total invention patent applications accounted for patent applications also increased from 14.3% in 2003 to 26.4% in 2012 , an increase of 12.1 percentage points.

At the end of 2012, Guangdong valid invention patents amounted to 7.8902 million, an increase of 34.5 %, accounting for 18.13% of the national total , ranking first in the country to continue . Starting in 2008 , the province invention patents for five consecutive years ranked first in the country . In 2012, the province PCT international patent applications filed for the 9211 , accounting for 50.76% of the national total , ranking first in the country for 11 consecutive years .

Patents are also a powerful incentive to promote the intellectual property rights of enterprises and institutions to create level : Rising Digital Technology Co., Ltd. in the multi-channel digital audio codec technologies accumulated obtained 27 invention patents at home and abroad , and successfully patented standardized ; Up to 2013 May , established only three years of Guangzhou medical Devices Co., Ltd. Po bile has 670 patents , including 71 invention patents , but also through the " Patent Cooperation Treaty " (PCT) route filed 38 international patent applications .

Rewarded in numerous patents , but also because of the success of the use , become the "Taurus " : Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Huizhou Chang million virtue " with polycarbonate / glass fiber composite and method for preparing cold case smart meters " implementation patents increased sales revenue by more than 120 million yuan , has brought more than 3,000 million profit ; Guangzhou micro spot Ltd. obtained a patent in China Patent Gold , the government not only won $ 1 million prize , also received more than a thousand million patent pledge financing loans.

Changes in patent awards :

From the "Department Award " to " Government Award "

December 1, 2010 implementation of the " Guangdong Province Patents Ordinance " Article XV : " Provincial People´s Government of the province of the Chinese enterprises and institutions patent award or reward individuals Guangdong Provincial People´s Government to set up patent awards, for the province . made outstanding contributions to economic and social development , generating significant benefits patent project implementation units and a significant contribution to the patented invention or designer will be rewarded . Guangdong Patent Award "as the government award" from the legislation will " , after Guangdong intellectual Property Office in full swing , led the development of new patent incentives.

May 30, 2013 , Legislative Affairs Office of the Guangdong Provincial Government on its official website published the "Guangdong patent incentives (draft ) " , facing widespread for comments and suggestions, for a period of one month . And had already implemented nearly 10 years , Guangdong Province, compared with the relevant provisions of the patent awards , patent incentives proposed new " highlights " a lot : The first is the "Rules" , the provincial people´s government set up patent awards , and had " rewarded China patent award winning enterprises "and" Patent Awards and recognition activities , "the two patent incentives , unify " Patent Award ", the grouped as" Guangdong Patent Award "and" China Patent Award supporting award . " The patent award Provincial Intellectual Property Bureau, the Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department and other relevant departments of the provincial government set upgraded to a provincial award , parallel and technology incentives. Followed by the original biennial "Guangdong Patent Award " adjusted once a year , shortening the Award in recognition of the cycle, so that the cycle of the Chinese Patent Award adapt . The third is the "Guangdong Patent Award " in addition to the establishment of the China Patent Award as " Class Award invention patent , design patent award" outside , a separate " Inventor Award" in recognition of significant contributions to the inventor ( designer ) .

Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Intellectual Property Bureau, responsible person in an interview with China Daily reporter said intellectual property , patents, patent incentives in stimulating the creation, use and protection , has played an indispensable role , the council will continue to make good use of this term policy instruments , through scientific planning and management, and strive to explore more and better patents to be commended , and thus establish a more excellent model patents , intellectual property to accelerate the construction of Guangdong province and make greater contributions .