Roy makes the counterfeiters nowhere to hide

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In the six special operation for counterfeits which lasted for many days and just passed away, police has raided a certain amount of counterfeit warehouses and factories. In some counterfeit garment cases which Roy involved in, Roy brings in an advanced intelligence analysis system to connect the information quickly, which help find the whole counterfeit network. And Roy has provided these information to police which help them solve the cases.

In fact, numerous clues from every aspect during the trace and arrest make law-enforcement officer very confused. We all know that every clue can be crucial and integrating these information is quite important. However, only one or a few people can’t be qualified such heavy work. Even if there are some partial results, it’s hard to share the information. The information of intelligence system Roy brought in comes not only from the informant network from the whole country but also data on the Internet. Our professional investigator will integrate and analyze the numerous information to gain valuable intelligence, which will be crucial in coming up evidence fixing of intellectual property criminal case.

In a recent intellectual property criminal case, suspect refused to tell the truth while Roy happened to have lots of evidence of this suspect in our intelligence system, documentary evidence, videos, etc. Through these external evidence, the suspect had nowhere to hide. Intelligence system of Roy helps police trace the criminal process of suspect in an unprecedented high efficiency way.

As for now, lots of information form the Internet have been recorded in the database of Roy intelligence system. Different information will be compared automatically and the system will link up clues which have connection. It can make a data list or graph according to the information relevance, which will show the small but crucial same point in different cases.

Actually, in some previous cases, Roy intelligence system has showed its power. Our staff in charge of this system introduced how it played the significant role in a Guangzhou criminal case. In that case, the counterfeiter was so crafty that he would never participate himself but ask his employees to fake behind the scenes instead and he never turn up in the crime scene. Roy found some clues related to him by using advanced data analysis. For example, his code name was “a hai”. Roy searched this code name in the database and found that it connected with some counterfeiters. Within a few minutes, Roy intelligence system gave the result that “a hai” once produced counterfeits with another counterfeiter.

Searching needed for many days in the past but now it doesn’t. Even a green hand can be a detective like Sherlock Holmes with the help of this system. In fact, using intellectual property protection software like Roy intelligence system is a trend in IP industry.

This system now make intellectual property investigation more detailed and simple. Bringing in this system and training related staff to use it may need quite a long time. However, Roy has always devoted to train professional investigators to use this system in order to help more complicated investigation in the coming future. As more investigation and information will be recorded, Roy intelligence system will play a more significant role, which is exactly the brand holder willing to see. It will help boost the cooperation between different law enforcement organization, which is crucial for the more and more complicated crime.