Electronic Cigarette

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                                                                                                 ROY cracked down factories which manufactured and sold counterfeit Electronic Cigarette

In press conference on 3 December 2019, Guangdong Police shared results of “KUN LUN” and food safety special operations, where fake vaping products “took up quite a lot of spaces”. Law enforcement officers said, in addition to traditional tobacco and alcohol, they had been looking closely into counterfeit E-Cigarettes this year. Police then showed items confiscated in “Operation 4.23”, including vape cartridges, pods and packaging materials that looked alike authentic RELX and JUUL products. 


According to the notice posted on website, Yuexiu police from Guangzhou City initially received complaints in February about an online shop for selling fake vaping items. They soon launched ad hoc investigations into the seller, finding that a technology company in Shenzhen involving nine locations were highly suspected. On April 23, Yuexui police force, under the command of the provincial and municipal security departments, separated into two teams and headed for Shenzhen and Dongguan to raid 3 factories and 6 warehouses, where more than 200 thousands of products and packaging boxes worth of 2.56 million yuan were seized, along with 16 people detained.