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                                                                                   Roy Assists Police in Destroying Trans-provincial Supply Chain of Fake Designer Sports Clothes

Our investigation team noticed a suspected shanty hidden in a county in Shaoyang City, Hunan Province back in August 2019. As time went by it started to occur to us this in fact served as a warehouse storing large quantities of counterfeit clothes of designer brands, involving adidas, Nike and so forth, with loads and loads of goods being transported inside and out per day. The local authority set up a panel immediately to conduct further investigations as soon as they received our report, learning that this gang relocated to Hunan not long ago. Before this time’s relocation their activities in other provinces had already attracted attention. We soon knew by continuous surveillance that this gang attempted to transfer shortly after. Not wanting to miss out again, police took prompt action before the gang could escape, raiding the warehouse in time with over 5,000 pieces of adidas fakes and three suspects under capture. 


When questioning the suspects on the scene, police understood that the gang delivered out several batches of goods across the nation about two days ago. They decided to, collaborating with the Roy team, elicit delivery information and trace the route. After a prolonged endeavor, in early September we at last managed to track down all the garment sent out by the gang. On 10th police unpacked the 32 bags of goods and calculated the number, with the result of seizing more than 3,000 pieces of adidas counterfeits. 


This was a classic trans-provincial arrest conducted by Roy team — not only destroying the entire supply chain, but also taking back all the counterfeits on the move.