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Guangzhou Yuexiu PSB destroyed a large fake designer clothing production and marketing chain


Yuexiu PSB destroyed a large fake foreign brand clothing production and marketing chain and seized counterfeit “Kenzo”, “EVISU” and other foreign brands garments about 39 thousand pieces, with value over 500 million CNY.
  Yuexiu PSB received report, which said a store sold counterfeit brand clothing in Jinbao Clothing Center, Zhanxi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City(
广州市越秀区站西路金宝服装城). After investigation, the PSB found the owner of the store, Wu(吴某), sold many kinds of brand clothing on wholesale and retail, including foreign brand clothing. He sold goods to all over the country though website. The productions were confirmed as counterfeits by related brand company. But garments Wu sold were from a clothing factory with producing, printing, pasting brand, storing, and selling, owned by Chen(陈某) in Xiamao industrial park, Baiyun(白云区夏茅工业区).
  Suspect Wu and Liao were in criminal detention by Yuexiu PSB, and suspect Chen is being arrested on the Internet.