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                                                         Roy Identifies Notorious Counterfeiters via a Photograph

ROY recently received the judgement from Guangzhou Liwan District People's Court, where the suspect Feng was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for selling counterfeit registered trademark Adidas commodities. The investigation process was of an important milestone.


Adidas, its trademark has been recognized a well-known trademark for several times as a pioneer and market leader in footwear field by the Chinese Courts and Trademark Review Committees. However, the counterfeiting Adidas behaviors was rampant with many enterprises gradually entered international market, Adidas had drawed a lot of manpower or material resources in this struggle against counterfeiting and faking, and has achieved significant or positive achievements, such as suspect Feng is a typical case.


Feng had a long history of operating counterfeit Adidas shoes and garments business in Guangzhou, colluded with his accomplices, developed a team on Wechat, organizing the sales of counterfeit products to the country market, even exported to abroad, forming a one-stop underground fake network of production, supply and marketing. In order to avoid illegal acts being discovered,suspect Feng always remained highly cautious. In March 2016, ROY found a photo of the animal from one of his accomplices’ WeChat circle that was a meaningful clue. In the photo was a black dog crouching on a windowsill, looking down at the ground. ROY investigators saw zebra crossings, fitness equipment in a park following the dog's gaze. Roy searched the scene using SC+ track, successfully locating a hidden warehouse in Liwan District. The local police arrested Feng and seized tens of thousands of fake Adidas clothing during the raid afterwards, which alerted other fake infringers.


In the brand protection process,Roy insists on making efforts and push to the counterfeiters have nowhere to hide whom are tricky or have strong anti reconnaissance. Under the role of multi-pronged approach and comprehensive governance, the momentum of infringing Adidas' IP rights in recent years has been effectively contained and improved. In conclusion, the premise needs to conduct in-depth investigation , judgment and screen essential clues in order to dig out the source of fraud.