Investigation and Evidence

ROY's IP Litigation Group has nationally recognized lawyers whom successfully solve disputes at any stages on behalf of clients,and provide strategic business consulting on all forms of IP issues, including trade secrets, trademarks, patents, license agreements, copyright and piracy. Meanwhile, we can help resolve tricky infringements rely on abundant experience and expertise as enterprises face deeply hidden infringers or difficult to effectively. We also provide practical advice on reducing legal risks in daily operations. ROY emphasize a holistic, business-driven approach that takes into account both the needs of the client and the legitimacy of laws and regulations.

Our Business characteristics:

  Cross-industry experience

ROY spans consumer products and services, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, sports, entertainment and media, food and beverage, and medical equipment.


  Creative and cost-effective solutions

ROY adopts innovative thinking, aiming at find proper solutions for clients to settle disputes.


  Multifarious methods

ROY works with clients, provide customize services, seek accuracy insights from multiple practices as needed to ensure the best results.


  Influence and Sources

ROY enjoys a vast business network throughout the country , ensuring that we are able to tackle complex and compelling matters.


  Compliance and Anti-corruption

ROY always stand at the forefront of IP protection and introduce third-party supervision to resolve and prevent corruption through corruption alerts. This strategy summarizes risks and compliance issues that may arise in all aspects of IP protection. In brief, the internal early warning and external supervision , insuring clients free from worries on the basis of quality services.

ROY's IP achievements include:

  With the assistance of the police, we represented Pfizer Corporation and its subsidiary Pfizer in Guangdong region, seized 2 million and more counterfeit tablets, the total worth of seized items reached 500 million yuan. This is the largest counterfeit drug case, and successfully protected Pfizer's trademark rights in China.


We represented Louis Vuitton Group seized 100 million yuan worth of shoddy products worth 100 million yuan and destroyed a  clothing gangs.


We helped a well-known E-cigarette Corporation investigate internal corruption issues within a authorized factory, and effectively addressed the potential risk.


We destroyed a manufacture factory that used the copyright of the World Cup football for Adidas.